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Finding my way back

Sometimes we forget ourselves and what we need to feel good.

When things are stressful or upsetting we can put up walls to protect ourselves and we can really lose sight of our needs.

I realised that after this last couple of years, my self care had gone out of the window. I was so busy looking after everybody else and making sure that they were alright, that I completely neglected myself.

I forgot to check in with myself and my needs, I lost the ability to listen to my body and it's signals.

Grief can do that, it can feel easier to block feelings, because it can be so painful to let them in. I thought I was coping well but my body told a different story, I was unwell for weeks but still kept going.

Grief isn't just about losing somebody in the physical sense it can also be the loss of a friendship or relationship, the loss of a way of life and so much more.

I felt like a fraud because I teach all of these wonderful techniques, that I know work, but I wasn't taking my own advice. I kept looking outwards watching TV, scrolling on my phone, looking to food for comfort, anything to avoid looking inwards.

My energy levels were low and so was my mood.

So why am I sharing this? Because I know that I won't have been the only one feeling this way and I won't be the only one wanting to make changes.

I really want to share my journey back to myself with you and hope that you will find some benefits and useful information to help you too.

I will be sharing yoga and all of the beneficial techniques that have really helped me in the past. Working on myself inside and out and bringing joy back into my life.

If you recognise yourself in any of this, stay tuned and if you haven't already subscribe to my newsletter for all the latest class news, tips, reviews and more.

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