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Ease The Overwhelm

How Are You? Have you been neglecting yourself? Putting everybody else's needs before your own? Now is the time to redress the balance and give something back to yourself. When we feel worn out and our minds are overly busy a short break away can be just the medicine we need to pause, reflect and reassess. When we look after ourselves and give ourselves a little time, care and love it helps us to be better partners, parents, friends, employees etc. The little things can make big differences. When was the last time that you paused?

Ten ways to help yourself and ease overwhelm 1. Write a list - when there is a lot to do it can feel overwhelming but having it down on paper can help. Try writing your list in order of importance. It is useful to allow a certain amount of time for each task to prevent procrastination. There is something so satisfying about ticking things off of a list! 2. Delegate - lighten your load by sharing it, Do you play the martyr? Sometimes instead of asking for help we can take it all on and then feel put upon or taken for granted. You don't have to do it all and people like to be asked to help. 3. Let go of perfectionism - one of the reasons we find it difficult to delegate tasks is because we want things done in a certain way. Done is better than perfect! 4. Let the little things go - pick your battles. There are some things worth fighting for and some that are not. Think about what is important. 5. Book yourself in - put a date with yourself in the diary in pen so it can't be erased! Start to prioritise time for you. 6. Invest in a gadget - this may sound strange but my robo vac has changed my life, whilst it tackles the vacuuming I can get on with other things. What will save you time or lighten your load? 7. Take a break - a short fresh air break can enliven the senses and give you a change of perspective. 8. Create a ritual - turn your phone off and switch it on at set times, light a candle, start a bedtime routine - bath, massage your hands and feet. whatever works for you to bring order and induce feelings of calm. 9. Trust in your own abilities - you've got this! 10. Breathe! It sounds obvious and it's automatic, right? Take a moment to breathe properly, tune in and observe your breath it is a great indicator. Are you rushing the breath? Is it flowing freely? Can you slow it down? What do you notice when you lengthen the exhale? Get curious about your breath. Good breathing is beneficial for the whole of the body and mind.

I hope the tips above help you, get in touch and let me know if you try any of them out.

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